Midpoint Reflection – Some Lists

Everyday Adventures

WHOLEY PICKLE STICKS I HAVE BEEN IN FINLAND OFFICIALLY HALF THE AMOUNT OF TIME I WILL BE IN FINLAND! (Actually, that’s not true, I still have three days until then, but I’m writing about it now because I am impatient.)

There are a few things to mark this momentous occasion:

  1. On this day in history, Kalliope Irene experienced her first European Fall Break. It lasted all week and she still had one class and a choir rehearsal, but she didn’t have to get out of bed at all except two hours Thursday and one on Friday (but, I promise she did anyways).
  2. On this day in history, Kalliope Irene received her first final grade for a University of Jyväskylä class. She received a horrible grade that she would be sick to her stomach and in tears about at home (it was a 2 – which translates to a C or…

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Feels like Home

Everyday Adventures

This week is only half over and it has been so darn amazing. I’m finally getting into the flow of my classes, I’ve discovered some beautiful hidden spaces on campus – as well as found my bearings and oriented myself as to where all the buildings are in relationship to the others, and I’ve spent some time with my beautiful Finnish family baking, singing, story telling, and hiking. It’s been a really good week and I am looking forward to this weekend.

First, my classes. I’ve officially finalized my class schedule and the whole thing is really weird. In Europe, class credit is based on how many hours you are expected to dedicate to a class. 1 European Credit (ECT) translates to 27 hours of work (but it varies by country). Finnish college only considers “contact teaching” – the time you spend in a classroom with an instructor…

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A Whole New World

Twomb Has Gone

Since my time here in Finland I have gotten into the university’s Student Union for international students also known as ISYY here the University of Eastern Finland. This organization is to help other international students get to know each other and the new culture ahead of them. This organization does what any student union typically does, plans trips for the students to immerse themselves with the knowledge of countries most people don’t go to on a normal vacation/holiday.I feel this is a great organization or club to be apart because it tries to provide different kinds of events each week. Most of the events ISYY provides are beneficial because of how many people from all over I get to meet. I have learned so much about other countries at those quick events than most of my world history classes back home.

Like any organization that comes from a university typically means it…

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after: 4 months in england

tea time with jen.

“Kansas? Isn’t that where Dorothy is from? How cute.”

I thought this “Dorothy” thing would die out in my months here, but I was wrong.

I still hear this at least five times a week.

The funny thing is, I haven’t seen the Wizard of Oz and when I think of home that is the last thing on my mind, but for them it is the first thing they think of. Which is totally understandable, because I ask stupid questions all the time.

I still get stopped at restaurants or walking down the street because of my accent and now it doesn’t phase me. I get slightly annoyed, but I know that living in Preston, they don’t here a lot of American accents so I really can’t be that bothered by it.

For the most part cultural gaps were closed during my time here in terms of music and regular…

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UCLAN: student union

tea time with jen.

During my first week at the University of Central Lancashire, I went to welcome week for clubs and numerous job fairs, but since I was only going to be here for four short months there were very limited options. Either they didn’t start until January or they were over by the end of September. However, I did spend a great deal of time with the Student Union here at UCLAN and involve myself in the many opportunities.

This organization focuses on exchange students and allows them to meet each other through social settings and planned day trips. I connected with this organization right off the bat, because of how many people I was able to meet. I met some of my closest friends and travel buddies on some of the first trips we took. Most of us all want to travel a lot and this helped mix all of us…

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a look inside: preston, england

tea time with jen.

Preston. Preston is a small city in northern England. It is hard to explain to others, because it is not as well known like London or Manchester. To me, it is a University centered place full of students and young people. It is a place where I never fear my safety and a place where everything and I mean everything closes before 6pm. Which means grocery shopping happens in the morning or afternoon. It is also a place where I feel comfortable. A place where I can easily meet new people every day and a place I love.

I haven’t experienced many major culture shocks like I thought I would in my time here, but here is a list of things that I’ve noticed.

  • walking. the amount of walking people do here is absolutely mad (notice the slang). Not many students have cars, because it is just easier to walk everywhere…

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