Berlin & Final Thoughts

For the last weekend of my time in Germany, we visited Berlin. Even though we only had about a day and a half to visit the city, it was a great experience with amazing sights and unique history. We were able to visit The Reichstag, which houses German political offices and debates. The glass dome represents the openness that the German government wants to have with its people. Inside the dome, you can view where the politicians vote and discuss political issues. We also went to the Brandenburg gate which was beautiful to see! Then, we visited the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe. This was an interesting memorial since the blocks try to embody the confusing and anxiety feeling that was experienced by those affected in the Holocaust. Although this can never be truly felt by those who did not experience it, the picture below shows what we saw when entering the memorial. We also visited the Topographie des Terrors, which discussed in pictures and explanations the rise and fall of the Nazi regime. This was incredibly interesting and often at times, disturbing, due to the evil viewpoints and lack of human respect given in the information; I think it’s important though to see and talk about how it happened, not just the happenings of the event. It helps to remind us that it if it did happen then it could happen again. We also visited the Neues Musuem which housed the famous bust of Nefertiti and many Ancient Egyptian artifacts, including canopic jars from tombs of pharaohs!

I enjoyed Berlin due to the incredible history it holds. I think it’s important that the city has so many monuments for its dark past, and does not try to hide any of its history, but remains humbled and true to what happened. It was a very easy city to walk from sight to sight, and almost everything was free to see.

This is my last day in Germany, and I am sad to leave but also excited to share my experiences with others. I have been able to see so much during my time abroad, including Paris,  Lübeck, Schelswig-Holstein, Berlin and Kiel, where I stayed to teach. My favorite part was to experience all of the history Europe has to offer, and it has only reinforced my need and want to come back and experience even more.

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