A trip to Lübeck

This past weekend my host mom and dad took Tessa and I to see Lübeck, a medieval-dated city that was once a fortress surrounded by two rivers. I had never heard of the city before coming to Germany, but it is very famous in the northern part of the country, called Schleswig-Holstein. In school, we learned about the Renaissance and the middle ages, but to go somewhere that actually has buildings from this time period was an incredible experience. To me, it is remarkable to walk into a building that was constructed in the 1400’s; it makes history real and larger than life itself.

We first entered the city by passing through the Gothic city gate. It is very interesting because the city is actually sinking due to it being surrounded by small bodies of water. If you look closely in the pictures, you can see a slight tilting and unsteadiness to the buildings. We went through the Christmas market there, which is so charming and filled with so many interesting and handmade things to buy. We also saw the political building, which has incredible medieval-style architecture and is pictured below. You can go inside it, which shows the Gothic style with black brick and a dark aesthetic. We also went into the Marienkirch which has been preserved, even after World War II. There was a bombing raid in 1945 that caused the church’s bells to fall from their tower. There is a picture below of the bells in the exact place they fell.

This trip was an amazing experience, and Tessa and I enjoyed all of the amazing sights and history. We have never been to a place so full of legendary culture, and we were so grateful to have been there.

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