German Christmas Market

This week, Tessa and I went to the Christmas Market in Kiel. They are very common in Germany, and we are planning on visiting more in Berlin and Lübeck during the rest of our time here. There are little booths set-up around the central area of the city, with tons of festive lights and decorations. There are also so many different kinds of food and souvenirs to buy. Some snacks you can get include hot wine, chocolate covered bananas, candy, currywurst mit pommes, hot chocolate, and of course, beer. There are people that come from all over to see the markets, and many sell specialty items such as russian nesting dolls, candle holders, art and small glass trinkets.

The wooden booths that look like log cabins with the lights and overall appearance really create a fun experience. We enjoyed strolling through and seeing what everyone had to offer, because there is so much to see!

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