Danish Christmas Dinner

My host mom is from Denmark, and she hosted a family and friends Danish Christmas dinner. After school the day before, we went to Denmark to go shopping for the special items she needed. It was very interesting to cross the border, because we weren’t stopped and our passports were not even looked at. This is so different from what I know in America, because the Mexico-U.S. border is so strict. I also did not know how much German and Danish culture blends together, especially in the north of Germany where Denmark is so close. For example, there is a grocery store located 5 minutes from the border to Denmark that takes Danish money, not Euros!

Once we arrived in Denmark, we got coffee and a sweet treat. Denmark makes a lot of sweet things, which is awesome because I have a sweet tooth. However, even the cinnamon pastry I had was extremely sweet-even more sweet than something in America! Still delicious though. There were so many different kinds of fresh fish in the supermarket. They had different jars with all kinds of seafood. They also sold little brown cookies which you serve with coffee; they are similar to a molasses shortbread. My host mom was also very excited by any and all things related to the Danish royals!

The Christmas dinner had tables with Danish flags and floral arrangements. We started with a curry fish dish on bread, fried fish topped with lemon and cucumber, sliced meats, liver, more bread, beer, sparkling wine, bratwurst with mushrooms, and then the dessert which was a vanilla rice pudding topped with chocolate shavings and served with a warm berry sauce. It was all very delicious. I am glad I was able to experience another culture, in addition to the German culture I have already been experiencing for two weeks. I never knew much about Denmark, but now I can say I have experienced a true Christmas dinner so common in the country!

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