Exploring Paris

During our trip abroad in Germany, Tessa, Ashleigh and I went to Paris for the weekend. I had been dreaming of going to Paris ever since I started learning French in 7th grade. I have also absolutely loved the history behind Paris, because it is so legendary. During this weekend, we experienced seeing the 1200 church called La Chapelle, Notre Dame, the Mona Lisa and Winged Nike, and the Eiffel Tower. We ate at Brasseries and enjoyed great food such as the famous Angelina’s hot chocolate.

During this time, there was a lot of policemen and firefighters throughout the famous sights, which made us very nervous. We did not know there were protests going on in other parts of the city. They closed the metro and we managed to walk back to our hotel. We were grateful that the French government took so many precautions during this time, and every place we went seemed safe for tourists.

I also was able to practice my French, which was a goal I had for this trip! I feel more confident about speaking the language, which is what I really needed!

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