German Education

I have started my teaching so far in Kiel, Germany. I am placed in a 6-12 grade school in the English classes they are required to take. I have been able to see so many unique and different things about the education system, which is so exciting as an educator. The classroom is very different from America. There is not as much technology use in the classroom-the school has two computer rooms for teachers to reserve. Additionally, there are long windows that overlook the courtyard which I think helps students think and stay relaxed while learning. The classrooms use chalkboards instead of white-boards or SMART boards which are so common in America!

The cafeteria in the school has food such as bread slices with meat and cheese, granola bars and yogurt. The parents prepare the food each day for the students….this is so different from the My Plate food initiative for children in America. Students can also go to the supermarket nearby and many do this, too.

There are no yellow school buses at this school! Students use public transportation. However, I think this promotes independence and responsibility for students.

Many students have so many questions for us….many questions are political and many are about life in America. It is so hard to tell every side and opinion of American aspects, but Tessa and I are trying our best!

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