Un Video de las Aventuras Colombianas de Jenna, Kathryn, & Rebecca (A Video of Our Colombian Adventures)

One of our final class assignments was to create a video as a team that showcased our experiences in Colombia. The following link will take you to our video, and I’ve left an English transcript below for those of you who don’t understand our broken Spanish. 🙂

Las Aventuras

(If the video looks fuzzy, you should be able to adjust the quality using the settings button!)

In Chía, we found our home away from home as our host families invited us into their houses and their lives. We enjoyed dancing with our families and cooking with them. Also, we explored the culture of Chía outside of our houses.

One of the most important places in our trip is la Universidad de la Sabana. It has been a beautiful place to study and hang out. The landscape is very beautiful, too.

We have learned a lot from our excursions in Bogotá. We have experienced first-hand the culture, history, and art of Colombia’s capital.

The mountains in Colombia are beautiful. We have enjoyed them outside of Chía, Bogotá, Sopó, and Guatavita. We are going to miss the mountains.

We are so thankful for these experiences in Colombia!

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