A Day in Bogotá

After a full week of learning about Colombia through the lens our Spanish language and Latin American culture classes, we finally got to experience the rich culture of the nation’s capital yesterday.

Following a traditional Colombian meal in Bogotá, our group of 17 Hornets enjoyed a tour of the graffiti that colors and enlivens every corner of downtown.

Our walk through the city’s center landed us at the bottom of the mountain Monserrate, where we boarded a funicular cable car that carried us to 10,340 feet above sea level — a far cry from the 1,150-foot elevation of Emporia that my lungs are accustomed to. From the heights of the mountain, we explored the Catholic church that adorns its peak and enjoyed the view of Bogotá below.

I am so grateful for these experiences — both in the classroom and in the world — that are so beautifully enriching my life!

Un abrazo,

Kathryn Kienholz

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