Emotional Roller Coaster

Everyday Adventures

They say there is a psychological process to the experience of studying abroad. It looks like this:

Being me, I hoped to surpass most of these and just stick in the honeymoon/adjustment phases. But alas… Kalliope is human so that didn’t happen. The thing is, this graph doesn’t show it exactly as it is – it’s only a basic outline. Everyone’s experience is different and it’s not always even linear. People can move around on the graph depending on the length of their stay. It’s been a crazy ride! It’s not even over yet. So here’s a little insight into my emotional roller coaster.

Anticipating Departure

You can look back at my old blog posts and see just how excited I was to get started with this. I’ve been dreaming about traveling the world forever, and I’ve been making plans to go to Finland since my last year of…

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