Dinos, Dodos, and more oh my!! By Elizabeth Oliver

There are many museums to explore in London. But, there were two I knew I had to visit while I was there. They were the Natural History Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum.  At 136 years of age, the Natural History Museum contains an array of collections that include minerals, birds, mammals, and dinosaurs. I was attracted by the dinosaurs and they did not disappoint. I grew up with Jurassic Park and I knew I had to go and see these colossal creatures. The dinosaur exhibit had two moving dinosaurs, several  dinosaur skeletons, and dinosaur tracks.


dinosaur track
Dinosaur tracks above, to the top right a skeleton of an Iguanodon, and in the bottom right is a moving exhibit of Deinonychus dinosaurs.


moving exhibit of Deinonychus

On my way out of the Natural History Museum, I visited the bird area and had the opportunity to see a dodo.dodo 1

My next stop was the Victoria and Albert Museum. This museum’s collections include furniture, clothes, paintings, silverware, and jewelry.  One of the most interesting exhibits is the cast courts. These cast courts are copies of famous works including Michelangelo. baby grand.JPG

cast of Michelangelo


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