WordPress Guidelines

WordPress Guidelines

  1. Be mindful of your audience. Remember that you are broadcasting on behalf of ESU. The Internet is a very powerful place, especially now that we are in social media era, when things can go viral quickly.
  2. Be creative and descriptive. It is not interesting if you post one sentence per prompt.
  3. Use the blog for reflective and thought-provoking entries. Avoid travel tips (you are not TripAdvisor) unless you are taking a creative approach.
  4. Do not use the blog to complain or make political stances. It is also not appropriate to dedicate your blog for constantly comparing your host country vs. the USA. You traveled abroad, precisely to find the different.
  5. Only promote your hobbies where you see fit as it touches on your experience abroad and your reflection.
  6. Remember to write in first person language only (i.e. I).
  7. Photos are really great tools for sharing your experiences. Keep them clean and relevant to the post that you are sharing. Remember: A photo without words is not a complete post.
  8. There is no room for racist comments or bigotry on your blog. Your entry will be removed.
  9. Tag ESU and other appropriate entities.
  10. Include your name at the end of the entry.
  11. Have fun!

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