Welcome, Hornets!

Welcome to the official page for Emporia State University students who are, have been, or plan to study abroad. This is the place where you can blog and document with photos and video about your experiences. Please accept our invitation to blog! By sharing your passion for the world while earning an academic experience, you will ignite the imagination of others and encourage them to follow your footsteps. This site is intended to build a community of students, faculty and alumni who are eager to reflect and share upon their experiences abroad.

There is no need to be scared! All topics count for this site. From your extensive packing list and preparation rituals to your feelings toward a new adventure. From your “a-ha” moments on cultural differences to new friendships and connections. From your new explorations in international cuisine to your classroom experiences. Simply choose the appropriate category to your program/experience (Faculty & Staff Abroad, Faculty-Led Abroad, Semester Abroad, Summer or Short-Term, or Year Abroad) and share away!

To apply for authorship, you must be an ESU student, faculty, or alumni that has studied abroad while attending ESU or plans to study abroad. Current students approved for a study abroad experience will be automatically added via e-mail. E-mail oie1@emporia.edu to see if you are eligible for authorship!

“Not all those who wander are lost.”  J.R.R. Tolkien

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